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I want to find out the name of a song by singing or humming it on Midomi.

I follow these steps:

  1. I go on the website «»;

  2. I click on the area «Click and Sing or Hum»: a message appears saying «You must first "Allow" permissions in "Microphone Settings" to use Voice Search» and showing the button «Microphone Setting»;

  3. I left-click on the button: nothing happens; I right-click on it: a menu containing the entry «Global settings...» shows;

  4. I click on the entry: the «Adobe Flash Player Preferences» appears;

  5. I click on the tab «Camera and Mic», then on the button «Camera and Microphone Settings by Site...»: a new window opens;

  6. I save «» and «» as «Allow», then exit.

Nonetheless, the problem is not resolved: I can't sing or hum the song as the microphone settings message is still there.

My system:

– OS: Ubuntu 12.10 desktop 32 bit;

– WWW browser: Firefox 17.0.1.

Any suggestions?

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There is a bug not allowing to modify Flash settings through the normal settings.

There is a solution though. Go to the Global Storage Settings panel and make the changes you need (allowing the site) through there.

Then visit the site again and it should work.

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