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I was using 11.10 for the last 1 year. and then i upgraded to ubuntu 12.04.1. but i have had many problem since. there was some problem with the graphic being loaded, and major problem with the network. both wired and wireless would be erratic. It is very hard to figure out which driver would be best suited for my system. now i just want to go back to 11.10. Im tired of rebooting again and again in hopes of my system be able to detect the presence of network connection. is it possible to load some files from the system of will have to do the whole process again of downloading making cd etc?

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You should probably try upgrading to 12.10, however it seems possible that something might have gone wrong in the upgrade so a clean install might be indicated here. Boot off the LiveCD for Ubuntu 12.10 and if everything works OK it might be a good indication that it's a configuration problem.

There's no downgrade facility for Ubuntu so reverting to 11.10 would require an re-install in any case.

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Thank you! i am doing an upgrade right now. – Ayesha Ahmad Dec 25 '12 at 4:04

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