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I have an ubuntu 12.10 server installed, got a static ip from my ISP. Pinging the ip results in success. I also have a huawei Echo-Life modem. Following this site I was able to set the ports to be forwarded. I also checked this with the guys at huawei. The problem is that when I enter my static ip in the browser, I always get stuck at the modem/router login interface.

Going to the ip address assigned to my ubuntu server (on my network) I can see that nginx serves pages correctly. Another thing is that getting my modem/router interface is only possible via my local network. I asked a friend to try my static ip but he said he got a blank page. I think this means that the gateway is not accessible from the outside world.

I think I'm missing something minimal here as it's not supposed to be this complicated setting up a home server. Any help would be appreciated.

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The huawei router does not support loopback. This means that when you use the WAN address of your router from the LAN side you get the LAN address instead. Your router setup page is connected to LAN:80 and your forwarding is done from WAN:80

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