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Hello I am running a dual boot of Vista and Ubuntu 12.04.

I have been testing the open beta if the Steam gaming service. I ran into some issues installing it. But nothing crazy and it did work. I installed some games and played them fine. I have played with linux on and off for years but I would consider myself a noob so i suppose I should not have started messing around with Wine and non linux games.

This is where the problem starts. I was using Wine and trying to get a game running when I was told I was missing dependencies. I then go to the package center and am greeted by a warning saying I cannot delete python. after clicking repair on the package center it says it again.

I try to update my packages in the terminal and then my unity bar disappeared! I restarted and now it will not let me log in and says unity 2d cannot be loaded? I feel as tho I have gone in over my head and should have taken things a bit slow. Any ideas?

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Try dropping to a terminal (cntl+alt+F1), logging in and do DISPLAY=:0 unity --reset That should hopefully restore all compiz settings to default. –  Ian B. Dec 26 '12 at 18:21