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When I am installing Ubuntu 12.04, it takes me to a screen where I can partition my harddrive, so let's say sda1 is my windows, sda2 is something else and sda3 is something else.

Whenever i click install on one of them with any boot loader option it gives me it says, it cannot find the root system file,

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Windows only works with NTFS file system,when i try to to install 12.04 LTS,I faced the same problem. Go back and choose Ubuntu to install in a new partition i.e) it creates automatically creates a new partition or Create a new partition of your choice, greater than minimum requirement size and specify the type of file system and specify your root folder i.e).given in a toolbar with option (/,/root,/home and etc....like that).choose any one from that,and try to install from that partition

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