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Newish to ubuntu, installed 12.10 yesterday and am trying to access my dlink share center (NAS) on my home network.

When I go to browse network, it shows up but will not access my files because it's "unable to mount location" failed to retrieve share list from server - is the message.

Can some one point me to a tutorial on how to set this up? I figure I need to do something with samba but am a little rusty with that , and would like it to auto mount at bootup of computer Thanks!

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For adding a permant mount you have to edit the file /etc/fstab. Open a terminal and type

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

In that file you have to add a line like this:

//mynas/share /mnt/mynas smbfs username=user,password=password 0 0

In this line mynas is the name or IP adress of you NAS. share is the name of the Samba share on that NAS. That one you will have to know. /mnt/mynas is the folder you want to have it mounted to on your local machine. You have to create that one.

sudo mkdir /mnt/mynas

And user and password are the login data for your NAS if you have any.

After editing the file run

sudo mount /mnt/mynas

to mount the new entry without having to reboot. Of course it will be mounted on reboot from now on.

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Thanks for the quick direction, just one more newb question, does it matter where I add the line in gedit, and has anyone had this issue in 12.04 lts cuz 12.10 is not as stable as i'd like so far thanks again! – Kenny Furla Dec 22 '12 at 17:30
It doesn't matter where to add the line. I'm not using Samba myself right now, so no idea about the issue in different version. But I find 12.10 a lot unstable and buggy too... – André Stannek Dec 22 '12 at 17:39
thanx again, didn't work yet but i guess I need to install samba still, thought it came with. gonna try again tomorrow but think I'll go with 12.04 cuz 12.10 just crashed again boooo! – Kenny Furla Dec 22 '12 at 17:54

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