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I am trying to install the latest pre-installed image of Ubuntu on my Nexus 7. However, I am stuck at flashing the userdata image. I have all my drivers and Android SDK updated.

Having said that, this seems like a image size issue. I read elsewhere on the Internet (here actually), that there is a size limitation on flashing 'userdata' partition; which is max 700MB.

This is interesting, because the size of raring-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+nexus7.img shows up as 690MB, however, when flashing it, fastboot quotes it as 705701 KB.

I suspect that this could be a problem, because the previous version 12.xx was less than 700000 KB and hence I was able to easily flash it.

Any help is appreciated on how to flash this new version, or whether I should flash the old version and upgrade it.

Some info on the devices:
Nexus 7 16GB
Host OS: Ubuntu 12.04.1

UPDATE: Initially I was following the Manual Install instructions from Ubuntu Nexus 7 Wiki. While flashing gunzipped image raring-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+nexus7.img, fastboot showed the size as 705701 KB and consistently went to disk sleep.

However, today I tried the installer script (ubuntu-nexus7-installer) and the fastboot flash was successful. This time fastboot showed the size as 692481KB

I am going to file this as a bug instead and close this question.

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The 'current' Raring / 13.04 image does install on the Nexus 7, and updating (with appropriate commands) brings this up to latest versions.

from: What do the updates provide in the Nexus 7 Desktop Installer?

.. Now vs updating and then re-installing, you can get essentially the same results by upgrading. However, a simple upgrade won't do, you'll need to run (on the device):

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install linux-image-nexus7

If you are trying to do something 'more clever' than that, it is probably outside the scope of this forum to assist you.

  • Why are you trying this method?
  • Have you asked the author (of the post you noted) for assistance?
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I was following the Manual Install instructions on the Ubuntu Nexus 7 Wiki page itself. The reasons for doing this are: a. The ubuntu-nexus-installer package also install fastboot, which I already have and hence a little conflict. – Darkfish Dec 23 '12 at 12:58
b. I regularly flash my own custom images to the device manually. Anyway, that post I referred to was what I found when I was searching for a solution regarding why fastboot goes to disk sleep when trying to flash the image to userdata. The author simply mentioned that there is such a limitation to size and installing MOSLO could help. Seems like a rather convoluted solution. Anyway, as you have suggested, I will give the upgrading process a try, using 12.04 image and upgrading to 13.04. – Darkfish Dec 23 '12 at 13:22
Thanks for the tip mate. Even though I was able to get to the current version, it had graphics issues. The top menubar and unity bar where garbled. I reckon I should file that as a bug. Steps I followed: Manually flashed quantal image I had from previous install. sudo apt-get update and dist-upgraded and then finally installed linux-image-nexus7. Then rebooted. All was fine except the graphics – Darkfish Dec 23 '12 at 15:44
ERRATA I meant Quantal 12.10 in the comments posted above. – Darkfish Dec 23 '12 at 16:40
I would strongly recommend a new install of Raring / 13.04 (which I have already done), either using tool or manual steps. The update commands should keep you up-to-date after that .. – david6 Dec 24 '12 at 6:23

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