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I would like to be able to build a package for the Maverick distribution release of Ubuntu, while running the Lucid distribution release.

I found this page: which seems to explain what I would like to do. However, the instructions say to go to a specific website (the link is in the article, I can't post more than one link) and download the debootstrap package that has the first word of the distribution relase appended (eg. "maverick"), but no such package exists.

What do I do?

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Many developers use pbuilder Install pbuilder for this task. There is a very comprehensive guide to pbuilder on the Ubuntu wiki. You might also look into the pbuilder-dist script. It is a is a wrapper that makes it easy to use pbuilder with many different versions of Ubuntu and/or Debian. It is available in the ubuntu-dev-tools Install ubuntu-dev-tools package.

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The debootstrap program is available in the lucid package repositories. You can just install it using your favourite package manager.

If you really wanted to fetch the .deb and install it by hand, it's at

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