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Situation: If I entered a copy command like cp -rf /src/ /dsc/ then I am waiting several minutes for copy large directories. I forgot to put -v flag to verbose an output, Can I do it during copying?

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No you can't, but you could use the watch command to look at the destination directory to see how the process is progressing, eg.

watch ls -l /dsc/
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Please add watch "find . | wc -l" as well. I found it better since your command only shows one level depth. –  guy mograbi Jan 7 at 8:29

I recommend to use Midnight Commander in case when you need to see a progress of files copying.

  1. Install Midnight commander:

    apt-get install mc
  2. Open it:

  3. On first panel open source, on second - destination. Start copying using "F5".

MC will display nice and informative progress dialog.

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