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I have download the QQ2012's deb in downlaod files, but when I install the deb, system tell me:

collins@collins-Aspire-3830TG:~$ sudo dpkg -i wineqq2012-20120719-longene.deb
[sudo] password for collins: 
dpkg: error processing wineqq2012-20120719-longene.deb (--install):
 cannot access archive: No such file or directory
Errors were encountered while processing:
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The error message No such file or directory means that the .deb file does not exist, or does not exist in the current directory.

The ~ between : and $ in the prompt represents the current working directory. ~ (when the next character is a / or, as in this case, nothing at all) is shorthand for your home directory, /home/collins.

You said you downloaded the .deb file "in download files." Assuming this means you downloaded it to your Downloads folder, that means it's located in /home/collins/Downloads rather than /home/collins.

So you should be able to install it by running this command:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/wineqq2012-20120719-longene.deb

If that doesn't work, try typing

sudo dpkg -i

without pressing Enter. Add a space to the end. Then drag the file from Nautilus (the file browser) into the Terminal window. That will paste its full path. Then press Enter.

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I think you are running the command from a different directory.

Open Terminal(Ctrl + Alt+T) and make sure that the file you trying to run is listed when you do ls command. ( If you have downloaded the file using browser. The file will be located in ~/Downloads . Change the directory to downloads cd ~/Downloads and run the command.

Once you made sure that ls list the file. Then run the command

sudo dpkg -i wineqq2012-20120719-longene.deb

Hope this helps.

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