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I am having trouble getting my Wireless to work on Ubuntu 12.10. My laptop is a Dell 3520 and the wireless chipset is Broadcom BCM43142 [14e4:4365] rev 1.

The below question looks similar to my issue and I tried it but it didn't work:

Dell Inspiron 5720 Wifi (Broadcom BCM43142, Ubuntu 12.10)

When I try to sudo dpkg -i wire*.deb I get the below message:

Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed.

When I grep for my installed headers using dpkg --get-selections | grep headers I see that I have:


Any idea what the issue is?

I checked if the wireless-bcm43142-dkms package got installed and it looks like it is when I do: dpkg --get-selections | grep bcm.

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Please try:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-`uname -r`

Those backticks are on the left side of my US keyboard on the same key with ~. After the headers for your currently running kernel are reinstalled, try again:

sudo dpkg -i wire*.deb
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