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Sometimes when I am using Ubuntu 12.10 the screen will randomly become black with a cursor. The cursor represents whatever is below, such as a blinking text cursor if I am hovering over gedit, or a pointer if I hovering over Opera. I can even interact normally with the applications. Everything continues working, but I cannot see it.

This problem occurs somewhat randomly. The only thing that is similar each time is that it happens during a mouse release. Usually when using mouse shortcuts in Opera, or dragging a file into gedit. It does not happen when I am unlocking the PC from suspend, automatic lock, or a manual lock.

I can restart it with by entering TTY1 and running sudo restart lightdm, but that is inconvenient.

Does anybody know a fix or why this occurring? Ubuntu does not seem to recognise it as a bug.

Relevant System Info:

  • ATI Radeon HD 7850 (Stock OC)
  • AMD Catalyst 12.10 proprietary drivers
  • Ubuntu 12.10
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