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I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 last week that comes with Windows 8. It worked fine but I hated it so I installed Ubuntu 12.10 and the problems started with the keyboard and touchpad.

Every like 2 minutes the keyboard freezes and start adding random letters (4 times for this short text already) and I cannot use neither the mouse nor the touchpad. It unfreezes if I press the keyboard with my hand (All the letters I can). Almost always the Windows button, the CapsLock, the secondary mouse button one get on.

I uninstalled Ubuntu 12.10 and installed 12.04 and nothing has changed. I've tried all NVIDIA drivers as well and nothing changes. And again, it worked alright with Window

I really dont want to use Windows again

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This may be a faulty keyboard or a loose connection between the keyboard and the motherboard, where the problem just happened to start after you installed Ubuntu. You may have to put Windows back to (a) to verify that the problem is with the hardware, and (b) Get warranty repair service from Lenovo. –  user68186 Dec 21 '12 at 14:32
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First thing I think of is that you've made an OverClock, because this problem is common when you use Linux in an overclocked machine, so the solution would be using your machine without the overclock or remaking the OC in a different way? Don't understand so much about overclocking...

But if you did not overclocked you computer:

Try a new installation of 12.10 not installing NVidia drivers and see if the problem persists, if the problem doesn't show up it means that or you'll have to use older drivers for your graphic card or use a beta one, because the problem is with the current driver. If the problem persists it can be a kernel panic, try to update your kernel:

sudo apt-get upgrade

If nothing changes maybe your keyboard or motherboard or CPU is with some problem, so you can do as user68186 said and test if the problem persists and if it do so, you will need to repair you computer or if the warranty permits, to change for a new one. Solutions beyond these I don't know.

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thank you for the suggestions! it was a fresh installation so I didn't touch anything.

I think it is a loose connection, I installed Windows again and it is fine, so I installed Ubuntu again and it is working fine too now (With and without the NVidia drivers). I also found out that I don't have the problem if I use a live CD now but I had it before, so probably there is a loose connection. I will call Lenovo support.

Thank you both!

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