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I've installed the Unity News Lens as per the instructions from this answer.

The lens uses geolocation to provide results from local news sources. This is a great lens - except it geolocated me incorrectly. I'm currently in Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA, and it displays results appropriate for Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.

Is there a way to reconfigure the news lens's geolocation?

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There is currently none, but a fix for your issue should be available in an update in a few hours.

(Due to a mistake, the newsfeed only used the geolocated city name, without the country name. This is fixed. Nevertheless, the ability to set manually a location is on the roadmap.)

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Living in a commonly named town is not awesome in this case. I'm getting Wakefield, MA results now but that's a lot closer! Any chance you can add a state/county/province (whatever the country subdivision might be called) field? Looking forward to the configuration tool, thank you :) – Insperatus Dec 26 '12 at 13:49

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