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I've recently moved to Ubuntu from Windows, and the very only thing I couldn't find an acceptable replacement to was foobar2000. While there are plenty of awesome audio players around in the ubuntu world, I couldn't settle for one of them to replace foobar2k.

So I decided to install it (version 1.1.18) in my Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 64 bits through wine (1.4.1 amd64), and to my great surprise... The result was excellent, better than expected after reading the app review in the WineHQ database!

The only thing that I found doesn't work properly, is the multimedia hotkey keybindings. I have a Dell Studio 1745 laptop with a couple of multimedia keys (Mute, VolumeDown/Up, PlayPause etc); while they are perfectly recognized in standard Ubuntu apps (gmusicbrowser, foobnix got them), I couldn't find a way to have foobar2000 react to them through wine (with or w/out focus on f2k window).

I've tried to follow instructions given at but the steps from the first link don't match with my system, and although I did find in dconf editor the right menu (org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings), I wasn't able to find a way to instruct a new shorcut for wine [foobar2000 path]/foobar2000.exe /next etc.

Is there something I should change in wine, to transmit the multimedia hotkeys hits? Thanks a lot!

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are the foobar2000 keyboard commands under 'Preferences/Keyboard shortcuts' working for you? –  cipricus Jun 24 '13 at 17:12

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