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I would like to know how to change the language of the KDE software (Gwen and Okular) that I installed in my Ubuntu. My Ubuntu is in French, but the KDE software is in English. When I "Switch the language" in "Help", it does not offer me that American English.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS with Unity Desktop.

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Install KDE System Settings install systemseetings, there you can change the language. Make sure, you have the KDE language packages install language packages installed. If not, you have to install them too.

 sudo apt-get install systemsettings language-pack-kde-fr language-pack-kde-fr-base

kde systemsettings screenshot

Under Locale you can change the Languages settings.

locale screenshot

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  1. Install the wanted language packs

  2. Start the KDE application with the KDE_LANG

    Some important environment variables used by KDE:

    $ KDE_LANG

    Overrides the KDE language configuration, e.g. KDE_LANG=fr kprogram & starts a program with French translation if the necessary files are installed.

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Seems not to work for me on 12.04.1 with language-pack-kde-nl installed and attempting to run KDE_LANG=nl kate, KDE_LANG=nl_NL kate or KDE_LANG=nl_NL.UTF-8 kate. – gertvdijk Jan 31 '13 at 23:33

I need kdenlive on Spanish, but on UbuntuStudio 15.04 nothing work.

This not working:

KDE_LANG=es kdenlive &
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