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When i ssh to amazon ec2, then


app_1 app_2 app_3 app_4

Considering i have mapped my ec2-122** address to some apps.site1.com

How can i have multiple rails applications running like if i access,

apps.site1.com/app_1 apps.site1.com/app_2 apps.site1.com/app_3 

each of the application should be loaded.

One of my friends told he has implemented it for apache+php application, where various index.php files are present and each folder structure is independently available as separate running application.

How can i implement this for rails applications,

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Try asking this on Web Applications or ServerFault. –  gertvdijk Dec 20 '12 at 14:26

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I solved this issued using apache + passenger, passenger comes with suburi where using symlink and some changes in the apache.conf for the virtual hosts, same domain name can be used to run multiple application. Documentation for reference

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