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I used the following to create a symbolic link

ln -s /var/www/example.com/target/public_html faker

When I use readfile faker it shows the correct link but when I navigate through FileZilla it take me to /var/www/example.com/target/ and not public_html

My web app is not going to the correct folder either. Am I doing something wrong?

Okay more information; noticed that it is creating a self referential symbolic public_html link in /var/www/example.com/target/public_html. Actually - this only happens when I try to change the target link by force (-f).

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Got it working as follows, navigated to /var/www/example.com/target/public_html folder then issued following: ln -s /var/www/example.com/target/public_html faker. Could be that I wasn't in the correct folder.

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