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In the Deja Dup preferences, it is possible to select certain folders to backup and certain folders to exclude.
I would like to be able to backup individual files in my Home folder (Such as .vimrc and .bashrc), but I don't see any way to do this.

So my question is, is it possible to either

  • Select individual files (instead of whole folders) to backup, or
  • backup my Home folder, but exclude all subfolders?
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According to mterry last Febuary, this isn't something Deja Dup can currently do:

Although he's talking about exclusion, it's the same principle as inclusion. Your better off symlinking the files you want to backup into a separate directory and then backing up that.

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According to the comments on this answer:

the only way to do it is to create hardlinks of the individual files you wish to be backed up in a folder that's backed up by Déjà Dup.

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