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I have tried to install perls PDL , and it didnt work so I tried to uninstall it I tried to use chmod the permissions and delete the perl/PDL folder in windows deledteing folders was very easy in ubuntu I cant figure out how to do it to I had to reinstall every thing , can someone show me how to manually delete a folder even tho it has root authority



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actually you can't delete a root folder if you are not having root authority .

actually to delete a folder and all of its contents even subfolders we have a command like

sudo rm -rf < path of the folder >

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To delete a file wit root permissions using the GUI, open a Nautilus (File manager) root session. From the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) type:

gksu nautilus

Then find your files and delete them. When you are done. Close Nautilus and the Terminal.

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