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I own a HP probook 4530s.

I installed ubuntu 12.04 along side my windows 7 professional OS. While in window 7 everything works properly in terms of wire and wireless connection.

On Ubuntu 12.04 my wired connection doesn't work at all and wireless connection works only when I check off enable wireless then recheck enable wireless.

When I recheck enable wireless, the wireless connection only works for about 30 seconds then it goes offline again.

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Ubuntu usually allows you to easily connect to a wireless network by just clicking the name of the network you'd like to use, but most wifi cards need a proprietary driver to work. So go to the "System Settings" > "Additional Drivers" to see if you need to install a proprietary driver for your wifi card.

So if new drivers need to be installed do so by using a wired connection or a mobile broadband.

Can you give the output when you run ifconfig and sudo lshw -C network on your terminal

and as far as wired connection is concerned

Login as root

type : gedit /etc/network/interfaces in the terminal window.

add the following lines to the end of the file auto eth0

`iface eth0 inet dhcp`

save and quit.

now restart the network. - How to restart the networking service?

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