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I recently realized the dropdown options from my nm-applet are no longer working. But I can still control the network configuration by going through the dash.

This happened very recently. I only realized this before a week. I guess some recent update screwed it up.

I have these related packages installed

  • network-manager-gnome
  • libnm-gtk0
  • network-manager

Any help would be great.

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i've encountered that too. try to restart the applet. sudo service network-manager restart – nickanor Dec 19 '12 at 21:48
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The applet stops responding after a while. It's a known bug. Network manager is fine.

Kill and (re)start the nm-applet, you don't even need root access:

killall nm-applet

then alt+f2 and start nm-applet. It should be working again fine for a while.

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To everyone who is affected by this bug: please go to launchpad to view the bug, log in and click the green text Does this bug affect you? at the top of the bug report and indicate that you are affected. The bug has been open for a year but nothing is happening as it is classified as "Low" importance. – snap Dec 20 '12 at 19:26

Restarting the computer got it working!

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Try this,


If you see the icon. It works by nm-applet command.

So do this,

start->Startup Applications Preferences->add->command : nm-applet -> add->close.

restart (pc)

Now you can see the icon (all/next restart).

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