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My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix it?

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 desktop AMD 64 on a PC running Windows 7 and the dual booting worked just fine, but "something" happened. Now, When choosing Ubuntu at start-up, only a blank screen appears. Since the graphics card is Nvidia (GPU processor: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 Driver version: 186.55), I hoped the following steps from another post would help:

If your graphics card is Nvidia, follow these steps: In the GRUB menu at startup, press "e"; then Use the arrow keys to replace quiet splash with no splash or nomodeset. Then press the CTRL+X key combination to boot.

There is no "quiet splash" text to edit. I tried adding "no splash" as the final line, but upon "CTRL-X", the system booted into Windows, which is the default.

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"Nomodeset" is the one I've had most luck with.

Try again with "nomodeset" and not "no splash". And don't replace anything, just type it in at the end of the row.

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