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I downloaded Ubuntu on a USB stick, then the Windows installer, and ran wubi.exe. When I rebooted to complete the installation, it froze 3/4 of the way through. After 30 minutes of waiting I removed the USB stick. I've tried again and the same thing happens.

Will it harm my computer in any way?

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Are you using the Windows Installer and do you have Windows 8? See the comments on… – user68186 Dec 19 '12 at 17:01
See on how to unintall WUBI. There is minimal chance of damage, as WUBI puts everything in a big file instead of in dedicated partitions. – user68186 Dec 19 '12 at 18:29

It's not entirely clear what the cause of this is, but it seems to affect 32-bit installs from the ISO only. There have been a growing number of reports, but not a lot of detailed follow-up feedback. The suggestions are to:

  1. Run wubi.exe standalone (without any DVD/USB containing Ubuntu present) to allow it to download the diskimage install (which does not have this problem), or...
  2. Install using the 64-bit media (although this doesn't currently work for the latest 12.04.2 wubi.exe unless you use the patched version here:
  3. Review bug 1182805 and see whether you have any information you can add (see more information on this below)

Other people have found switching to the console and back can get it re-started: Ctrl+Alt+F1 followed by Ctrl+Alt+F7

When Ubuntu freezes you should reboot safely by holding down Alt+PrntScr and then pressing the following keys (pause between each one): R E I S U B

Here is some general advice: Hard reboots or shutdowns can damage the file systems. In your case, you can run chkdsk from windows to make sure there is no corruption.

You can drop to a terminal when this happens Ctrl+Alt+F1 and see if there's anything interesting in the logs: cat /var/log/syslog or zip up your logs and file a new bug or - if suitable - attach to the existing bug mentioned above:

sudo zip -r /host/ubuntu/ /var/log

That command creates a zip file you can find from Windows in C:\ubuntu\ (assuming you installed on C:. Attach that to your bug report.

If you have a graphics card that requires a closed source driver, you could also try booting with nomodeset.

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No, it is not a disaster. I once had similar problem. The problem was solved when i burned a brand new bootable CD, using the Ubuntu disk image i downloaded from section. You should boot up from your CD/DVD drive.

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What should i do now? Return to windows? How to proceed, so not to cause any damage? Thanx! – Hese Dec 19 '12 at 17:27

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