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There are many of us who need to build small Ubuntu server.

Problem is that in some countries it is hard to find and quite expensive to buy server motherboards and processors. And when one is building small server with limited budget, buying some Xenons is not really an option.

So, are there any general recommendations for hardware (I think that motherboards are the main issue) that is stable and fast under Linux?

I read that Intel should be the best choice for cpu + mbo combo.

So, I was looking around for some Intel motherboards + i7 Ivy Bridge (like Intel DZ77BH-55K with Z77 chipset and Intel i7 3770K) but I've read that they have some issues with kernel, booting and USB ports.

That is why I ask community if you have any experience with this. Maybe Intel is not the best choice here? Maybe ASUS or Gigabyte or _other company_ are more stable with Linux?

I hope that this Q&As can help people in building stable Ubuntu server.

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You can check this. You should modify ram and processor as your need. But don't worry about Linux support. Because they only provide linux supported machine (preinstalled ubuntu)

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