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I want to change the value of a specific CONFIG_... parameter (in here: CONFIG_ATH5K_DEBUG) inside Kconfig option.

I use make menuconfig command, press / and type CONFIG_... to find its location. Then

I go there, change the value and Exit > Save configuration. But it doesn't make any effects. I see in the Terminal:

End of the configuration.
Execute 'make' to start the build or try 'make help'.

So what is the point here? Do I have to run the make command to make effects? But everytime I run make command, there are always errors. Please help me!

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When 'make menuconfig' is executed, you just edit a configuration file.

At the end of the edition, you need to issue 'make', to make effect of the configuration. It is always necessary to run 'make' to make effect of your configurations.

The problem is that you are having erros that do not have anything related to the configuration you just did. You system have some problem that you need to solve before trying to compile a kernel. And let me say: these problems are very common.

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