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I have added my mount devices in /etc/fstab and they get correctly mounted (2nd partition with ntfs and nas-share with nfs).

I have also disabled automount in Nautilus preferences by using dconf-editor (following this post):

user@server:~$ gsettings list-recursively automount false automount-open false autorun-never false

Now i see every mount device twice in Nautilus (the entry in fstab already mounted). When clicking on the other entry i get the eligible message

mount.nfs: /media/nas_share is busy or already mounted

How i can i disable the appearente of those devices in Nautilus?

EDIT Regarding automount:

I have only one line in /etc/auto.master:

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I suggest you abandon the /media... mount point and make some directories under /mnt. Use noauto in the fstab for any /mnt entries you do not want automounted. Seems that the noauto option is ignored when present on any /media mount point by whatever desktop software thinks it has to mount everything it sees.

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