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I often use gcalctool, to quickly convert a number between "binary/hex/decimal". For this I find the "Programming" mode of gcalctool useful. I can select this using "Mode → Programming" from the toolbar.

However, this gcalctool setting does not appear to be preserved between restarting gcalctool. Is there a way I can force this? E.g entering something in ~/.gcalctoolrc

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This was a bug in Ubuntu 10.10 but as you can see from the bug report, it should have been fixed with version 5.31.4-0ubuntu4.

What version are you using (in a gnome-terminal, run apt-cache policy gcalctool)?

Have you tried reinstalling it (run sudo apt-get install --reinstall gcalctool)?

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I am using version 5.32.0-0ubuntu4 (thanks for the command). I tried reinstalling, but this did not fix it for me. – Jon Brett Jan 26 '11 at 8:46
This works on my home computer (regular single-user Ubuntu 10.10 install), but not on my work computer (my user is a NIS user, and I have local root access). I think it is to do with my NIS user not having access to files created by the local root account, during an apt-get install, since these files were created with umask 007. I will try and find-out what these files are and change the permissions. – Jon Brett Feb 18 '11 at 8:27

I had the same problem, and have gcalctool version 5.32.

I gave up and installed qcalculate instead which can do binary/hex/decimal conversions.

More a workaround than a solution I'm afraid.

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