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Possible Duplicate:
Restricting access to sites

I need to restrict the access to and in elinks using squid. Can everyoane help me

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Two steps are required: 1) set up elinks to use proxy. You can do this by either exporting http_proxy env variable.

Ex.: export http_proxy='http://[user[:password]@]'

Other way - is to configure elinks to use your proxy server.

2) configure squid to to block requests to and Ex.:


acl blocked_yahoo dstdomain
acl blocked_yahoo dstdomain
#or you can have rule for all subdomains:
#acl blocked_yahoo dstdomain
http_access deny blocked_yahoo
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Could you be more explicit with first step. Sorry but i am new with linux – Alex Dec 18 '12 at 16:10
There's environmental variables that can be used by programs. One good example is env var LANG which is used by programs to determine which translation to use. Same with http_proxy env var. So just run elinks with the following command: http_proxy='' elinks OR export http_proxy=' and then run elinks from this console. Or add export http_proxy=.. to your ~/.bashrc Other way is to run elinks and go to options manager -> protocols -> HTTP -> Proxy configuration and set proxy settings – Sergey P. aka azure Dec 18 '12 at 19:00

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