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I have Ctrl+Super+N set to launch gksu nautilus. This set me thinking: can I have a prompt that comes up that asks me for a path to open? Ideally, I'd be able to hit a key combo, type /usr/share/applications, and have Nautilus open up without having to use the GUI to get there.

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Use zenity to create a text box dialog from the terminal, which you can use to specify a path.

Install zenity from a terminal if it's not already installed:

$ sudo apt-get install zenity

Now you can create interesting dialog boxes from the terminal:

$ zenity --entry --text='Enter nautilus path:'

enter image description here

Now that you can graphically enter a path, how do you hand this off to nautilus? How about some bash magic!

$ nautilus $(zenity --entry --text='Enter nautilus path:')

You've successfully provided your path to nautilus as an argument. Now just bind this command to the shortcut of your choice!

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Awesome! Thanks! – WindowsEscapist Dec 18 '12 at 3:41

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