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The only monitor I have is one of those crt huge dinosaurs. I want to access my ubuntu machine from my windows laptop. I have tried a few VNC programs already and I cant get it to work. Any tips?

Or is there a way I can control my Ubuntu machine from my laptop physically, like using a cord or something like that?

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If you have configure vnc, remote desktop perfectly then make sure that it is allowed via firewall.

Check your router configuration , make sure that RDP is allowed.

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This tutorial is as about straight forward as they get. Follow this guide HERE

Its a few years old but the principle still applies.

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I am going to recommend you just use a X server on your windows box and connect using it. This post should work for you. Keep in mind that a lot of things in Linux are client server, including the GUI. So your Linux box can do all the work and your windows box can just be a dumb terminal.

I have had pretty good luck with xming in the past.

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