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I'm using LibreOffice (3.5) and Thunderbird (17.0) on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine and store my contacts with Thunderbird. These contacts are organized in several address books. For each I get a .mab-file (Mork) in /home/user/.thunderbird/xyxyxyxy.default/. What's the finest and/or easiest option to access these contacts from LibreOffice?

I have already read that there should be an option to access the Thunderbird Address Book easily but Thunderbird does not appear as a data source in LibreOffice (File >> Wizards >> Address Data Source). The package libreoffice-base is already installed.

If possible, I want to prevent to export my contacts in another storage format.

Thanks and cheers!

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Using TBird addressbook has never been implemented in the Canonical version of Libre/Open Office.

You need to UNINSTALL the version that ships with Ubuntu and install the version downloaded directly from the LO website.

Here's how to do it select the correct .deb file format and download. Right click to install


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In the long term I thought to switch to Evolution and Evolution Data Server and leave .mab-files behind. But for the moment the database tool Base and it's data source connector should do it. Thanks! – eldiamo Dec 20 '12 at 19:46

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