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Windows deleted my grub2 install so I need to reinstall it. All methods I read say "use your LiveCD and run chroot", I cannot use a LiveCD. I do not have my original LiveCD and I cannot download a new image because I'm on an unstable connection with max 100kb/s download so downloading a large file just isn't going to happen.

Is there anyway I can download just grub2 and install that?

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Remember that if you torrent the .iso (.torrent files are available on the site), you won't have to worry about your unstable connection. – WindowsEscapist Dec 17 '12 at 17:42
Ahh yes, I will use that as a last resort after I have tried the answer below. – Lerp Dec 17 '12 at 17:45
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Yes download boot-repair rescue disk. Half the size (350mb) but easy to use

Here is the link,

Perform a recommened repair

Option 2:

Use super grub disk. A bit harder to work but very small size.

This wiki will help you

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A favorite of mine to use is Slitaz linux, as it's only around 40mb, and then to chroot into my other install to fix as necessary.

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