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Is there any way to use an iPad mini or a Nexus 7 as a second monitor through a cable? I dont want something like vnc, I need it to work through the usb cable (or any other cable).

I imagine that the iPad will get a lot of hate around here, the reason why I am considering it is because of the larger screen (compared to the nexus 7). I think its self explanatory that I need this to work with ubuntu (as I am posting in this formum).

Thanks for reading this highly unorganized, typo-flled (<--see what I did there?), un-cohesive post. Any help will be appreciated!

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Keep in mind that anything that works on the nexus 7 will probably work on the nexus 10. – James Dec 17 '12 at 16:38
My attempt at clarifying this question. Looking for a way to use Nexus 7 / 10 as a second monitor with Ubuntu desktop - to extend the Ubuntu desktop to the Nexus 7. In manner similar to methods described for these Mac and windows desktops: – gare Mar 16 '13 at 16:42

Have you looked into teamviewer? I realize this isn't an ideal solution for you, but I know people who use it and are quite happy with it.

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Have you tried a a benchmark test on how fast these two devices are able to send and receive data (over USB)? I believe when you compare the results with that of an actual monitor you'll probably see that these devices don't have the capabilities of ever satisfying your viewing experience.

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