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Recently, I noticed that update manager was installing gnome-shell.

To be sure that is the case, I tried logging in with the Gnome option and I got to the Gnome 3 window manager.

Trying to remove it through sudo apt-get autoremove gnome-shell doesn't warn of the automatic removal of other packages, suggesting it is not a dependency issue.

I do not intend to use gnome-shell. Why was it installed automatically in the first place?

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Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get remove --purge gnome-shell

This will remove Gnome-Shell and its config files.

After that write: sudo apt-get autoremove just to be sure.

If you want to remove the session from the list, open a terminal, type cd /usr/share/xsessions/ && ls. The file should probably be something like gnome.desktop or gnome-shell.desktop I'm not sure.

Remove it with sudo rm -rf gnome-shell.desktop

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How could I purge if I already removed gnome-shell? – To Do Dec 17 '12 at 13:02
use with caution: sudo apt-get remove --purge gnome-shell* take a look at the list of packages that are going to be removed before proceeding. Note the * in the end is a must. – Dialogos Dec 17 '12 at 13:05

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