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After having done a very long research, about this type of usb-modem, I'm here asking for your help. In my PC I have installed lubuntu (the version obtained from Ubuntu 12.04). In order to connect the USB-modem, I have to eject the usb-storage (that is firstly recognized by the system) and then, I can use the normal Gnome-NetworkManager tool. The problem is that I would avoid having, all the times, eject manually the inner USB-storage, configuring the system in order to proceed on ignoring the present storage and treat the USB-device only as a modem.

The included linux-setup tool, doesn't work properly (I have tried to install it, without success).

I have tried to configure usb_modeswitch, but I don't have enough informations (this version of USB-modem, is not included on the device-recognition files). To not mention that, at this time, the default vendor and product hex-ids are currently unknown at me. I barely managed to obtain the specific ids, running the command lsusb, but of course, without such informations, I can't proceed with the command, as the parameters are insufficient.

I thought to create a script file, that would umount the usb-storage part, then use modprobe and usb_modeswitch, in order to automate the connection setup, but I can't manage to umount anything (that the system seems to ignore my commands) and I can't proceed with the initialization.

There's a standard way to handle this situation accordingly?

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