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I have a Dell Inspiron 531S that originally came loaded with Windows Vista. A couple years ago I purchased a copy of Windows 7, formatted the hard drive and installed the updated operating system. In the process I formatted the 10 GB recovery drive partition on drive D as it was no longer needed for Windows Vista. I would really like to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS alongside Windows 7 using the empty 10 GB drive D:. I have two questions.

(1) Can Ubuntu be installed on a separate partition, a drive removed from the boot sector on drive C:?

(2) If so would Grub be installed in the boot sector and properly select Windows 7 on drive C: or Ubuntu 12.04 on drive D?

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See… – user68186 Dec 17 '12 at 0:26

Sure, the ubuntu installer will handle both questions automatically. You only will have to select the partition to install ubuntu. One thing: Drive D, will probably be sda2 in ubuntu but you will be able to see which partition is what by the different sizes.

Regarding question1, installing on a separate partition is the only good way to install it in my opinion. Anyways, this is the default way, if you have only 1 partition with windows, the installer will split it and install ubuntu on the 2nd one.

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