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I was just searching some Softwares on Ubuntu software center and it was giving me "not found" but i could easily find and install them on synaptic.

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Software centre contains Full packages along with the required dependencies . But In Synaptic all the Packages are individual .

If you'd like to install anything from software centre selecting package will be enough but that's not going to be fine if you are doing with Synaptic package manager .

If you are a basic user of Linux/Ubuntu then I suggest you to choose Software centre not synaptic .

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The Ubuntu Software Center by default lists the non-technical packages -- those that an ordinary user might want to install. You take extra steps to see packages such as documentation, debugging, dependencies, etc., (those that may be overwhelming and are typically for tech-minded people).

After searching for a topic click on Shown technical packages at the bottom of a USC package list to see these.

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Synaptic also lists every package that comes with certain software, whilst Software Center only lists that software without the more "technical" and smaller ones.

I also think that U.S.C. does not list every software due to approval reasons (?)

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