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I've downloaded "ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64" and used Pen Drive Linux to get it onto my USB. I then restarted my computer (a Windows 7 Home Premium edition) and entered the boot menu to have it boot from the Sandisk USB (it called it Sandisk Cruzer Cruzer). Linux came up and asked if I wanted to try or install. I picked install, connected to my Wi-Fi, and installed it. After my laptop restarted, Windows booted immediately. I have tried several times and cannot get a choice between the two.

P.S. I have used the Windows Installer, Wubi, but at the last second it gave me some kind of error.

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Why don't you boot from the USB again, this time select "Try Ubuntu" and from the desktop run the and edit your answer with the results (or a pastebin link). – bcbc Dec 16 '12 at 21:43
Did your PC come with UEFI? – Arch user May 18 '13 at 7:57
  1. First of all you should remove any current Ubuntu or Wubi installation.
  2. Next download Rufus, an easy tool for creating bootable USBs.
  3. Download the prefered Ubuntu image from Ubuntu Download Section.
  4. Open Rufus and write the image on the USB (it is very easy).
  5. Reboot your PC after finishing, and change the boot order to boot from USB.
  6. Once the installation window comes up, click Install Now.
  7. Lastly, choose Run Ubuntu alongside Windows 7.

I'm pretty sure there will be a bootloader in order to choose between the two OSes.

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It doesn't sound like there's anything wrong with the USB. Just the installation of grub failed or was incorrect e.g. BIOS style boot on UEFI computer, or grub installed in the wrong disk MBR. If the USB was bad, it would unlikely have completed the entire installation to completion. – bcbc Dec 16 '12 at 21:42

Or you can also use the Universal USB Installer if you have through windows. It is more easy that way.

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You might be able to improve this answer with providing the steps needed in more detail and maybe even adding screen-shots of different parts to make it a rock solid answer. – Videonauth Jun 6 at 7:50

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