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Is it possible to select which folders (outside the ubuntu one folder) are being synced to each machine ? For instance i'd like to sync a data-heavy folder with most of my PC's but not with my netbook.

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In 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) you'll be able to use the “Ubuntu One Control Panel” to select which folders to do this in a nice graphical way.

However, the functionality has existed in the backend since at least 10.10. The act of selecting a folder to sync is called “subscribing” the folder, and is distinct from creating / deleting it (which is what is exposed via Nautilus).

Meanwhile you can access the functionality via u1sdtool: to list all the folders syncdaemon knows about, enter u1sdtool --list-folders; then you use the folder ids listed there to enter the id in u1sdtool --subscribe-folder=folderid (or --unsubscribe).

The default behavior is for syncdaemon to subscribe to folders automatically when they are created; you can change this by editing /etc/xdg/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf (or ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf to do it per user) and add a line udf_autosubscribe = False to the [__main__] section.

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Thank you very much ! Exactly what i was looking for. – RichardMe Jan 24 '11 at 11:23

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