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I have a Windows PC (don't worry, I almost never use it) that sometimes gets used for playing games and audio/video.

Is there a way I can stream the audio output from that PC over the network to my Ubuntu machine? Both PCs are on the same network, so they can reference themselves directly via their local IP addresses.

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AirFoil would probably be the best option. It's essentially a plugin for iTunes It's a whole-system audio redirector that'll let you stream any audio to a whole host of destinations including Linux. It does come at rather a steep cost for a "utility" though: $25.

Failing that you might be able to run a radio-streaming app on your PC (these are ten-a-penny) and pick that up on your Ubuntu machine with a supported player. I'm fairly sure Banshee and Totem can pick up the audio.

I'm not sure these will handle more than two audio channels (or if that's even an requirement) but start your search with ShoutCast or its GPL brother from another mother: IceCast

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Hmmm... I never thought of a radio streamer. Good idea! – Nathan Osman Jan 23 '11 at 22:45
Is there anything like Ices for Windows? – Takkat Jan 24 '11 at 7:49

If you don't mind paying, there's a product called Airfoil made by Rogue Amoeba to do just this. The setup requires an application to be installed on both machines. The Airfoil for Windows application will allow audio streaming to any Airfoil Speaker application (.deb here).

Note that the Linux application requires mono 1.2.6 or higher, and a full license of the Windows application is not free (currently $25). There is a free trial version available.

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