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For example, I write my own device driver for a specific device, any kind really, such as maybe a wireless USB mouse or the like ... how do I add it to the Linux kernel?

Will the kernel support drivers? How would this process go about?

Not too familiar with Linux's kernel system...

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A driver is nothing more than a loadable ELF object file, similar to a normal library. Once your driver code has been compiled into such a file, you can load it with the same tools as you use for other drivers (insmod or modprobe). I'd recommend you read Linux Kernel Programming or LDD3 for much more information about what you actually need to do. You'll find that loading the driver is actually the easy bit :)

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Compared to the fact that I'm going to be writing my own, I'd say yeah. – Bigyellow Bastion Dec 15 '12 at 21:22

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