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I have a htpc running 10.10.

It has no keyboard or mouse attached, so I connect over vnc for administration and manual tasks. This usually works fine but every so often an app running in fullscreen mode crashes.

All I want to be able to do is kill this app from VNC. Is there a keyboard shortcut to do this that will preserve the VNC connection?

If I use ctrl+alt+F1, I see the terminal but can no longer control it from VNC. Trying to return to the desktop doesn't work either?

Any easy process I can follow?

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I'm not sure that there's a way to do it from VNC, but if you can ssh into the server you can kill the process.

Use ps -A to list all running processes. You can use grep to prune the list if you know what you're looking for. Then use kill <pid> to kill the process, or killall <name> to kill all processes with that name.

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