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Does m3u2u1ms work only on music purchased though Ubuntu One? when I run the following:

m3u2u1ms Tangos_orig.m3u
Scanning songs
Finding Ubuntu One identifiers for songs
83 songs correctly identified from playlist
Looking for an existing playlist 'Tangos_orig'...
[{'id': u'D-3cf4977ef29a4ead95c1e404f2e2ca63', 'name': u'Tangos'}]
No existing playlist found: creating a new one

It creates a playlist on Ubuntu One, but it only contains 11 songs I purchased from the Ubuntu Music store and doesn't include the other songs I purchased elsewhere but uploaded to U1.


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It should work for everything (it's not specific to purchased music!) but I haven't looked at the script in a while and so something may have changed. Ping me directly to discuss?

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Note music streaming is getting playlists from u1db, now. – Chipaca Dec 19 '12 at 2:19

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