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So I'm trying out Linux today and noticed some tearing on my desktop. You know, like playing a PC game and Vsync isn't enabled.

This problem is most prominent when I'm scrolling down my browser.

Is there a fix?

('m using the latest version of Ubuntu, with all the updates downloaded)

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You will need to provide additional information to your question. Can you take a look here… and add the output from commands outlined in the video section? – Kevin Bowen Dec 15 '12 at 7:46

I think you have a Nvidia graphics card. You need install driver for it.

(I had a bad experience in the installation from repositories. Best way is install manually or using sgfxi)

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This is a question from 2012 and Popadil hasn't returned to provide more information. That's why you can't assume he indeed owns a nvidia graphics card. Explaining anything that is graphics-card specific is thus waste of efforts I guess. – MadMike May 30 at 11:15

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