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I can't seem to create templates in Lubuntu. I have a folder in ~ called Templates, which I directly copied from my previous home folder when I installed Lubuntu 12.10, but when I right click in the file manager, in the create new menu, none of my templates are there!

Lubuntu doesn't use nautilus but PCMan File Manager. According to this website, PCManFM has template functionality. I'm using version 1.0.1.

I've looked at this FAQ, and checked my user-dirs.dirs file and it indeed contains this line: XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR="$HOME/Templates"

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Could it be that LibreOffice is not installed (it's not in default Lubuntu) and your templates are LibreOffice templates? – Javier Rivera Dec 14 '12 at 11:48
Thanks for the reply. I do not have LibreOffice installed, and some of my templates are .odt format, however I also have templates for latex and python, and they also do not show up in the menu! – thedoctar Dec 15 '12 at 10:14
I can confirm that templates dont work. I have tried in Lubuntu 13.04 on a Dell Latitude e4300 laptop and Lubuntu 12.04 on a home made PC. If i right-click on the desktop, there is not even an option to create a file from template, not even under the "Create New" header. – user271040 Apr 19 '14 at 16:21

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