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When I type the video url, it bring out this message instead of download.

Please what do I do because I really need to start downloading videos.

joshua@joshua-HP-625:~$ youtube-dl

[1] 6720
joshua@joshua-HP-625:~$ Hi! We changed distribution method and now youtube-dl needs to update itself one more time.
This will only happen once. Simply press enter to go on. Sorry for the trouble!
The new location of the binaries is, not the git repository.
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You have two issues.

  1. You need to surround your link in " to escape that last ampersand &:

    youtube-dl ""
  2. You need to update youtube-dl one more time, run as sudo:

    sudo youtube-dl --update

    and press Enter when prompted.

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First, the & sign at the end of the link is forcing youtube-dl to run in the background.

Second, the instructions give you the location of the new download:

Finally, consider a site like in the meantime.

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