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Possible Duplicate:
Does Ubuntu only work on Desktop PCs?

I have downloaded ubuntu a long time ago on my Windows 7 PC and it didn't work properly. And now im afraid to download it on my Windows 7 lenovo laptop, because it could get ruined. Please help. and how does the usb stick ubuntu work?

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Your Question's title asks for one thing, then your question's body says another, which one is it? please be more specific. – Uri Herrera Dec 13 '12 at 20:48

No. Ubuntu is suited for Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, PC, Mac, Server and many others.

You can use DVD or USB drives to install Ubuntu.

To install Ubuntu alongside with your Windows 7, you have 2 options:

Using wubi or installing in a different partition or separated Hard Disk.

The first option is the easier, since it change your Windows 7 installation.

For the second option, you need a little bit more knowledge about Hard Drives and Partitions.

Don't be afraid to ask, we can help you, no matter what option you choose.

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