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I've installed Eclipse Framework not as binary package (tar.gz), user have to only extract to desired directory and start off. I added eclipse destination path to global PATH variable and I'm able to start eclipse from command-line without specifying all the path. But I also want eclipse to appear on Kickoff Application Launcher. And be able to start it from quick start (Alt-F2). What steps should I follow?

I'm using KDE 4.9.4 on Kubuntu 12.04

Thank you!

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  1. Right click on Kickoff
  2. Edit applications...
  3. Mark the folder you want it in, e.g. Development. Click on New.
  4. Fill in the name you want
  5. Add the actual command and click on the square next to name to change icon. There is an icon in the eclipse directory.
  6. Klick Save
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I would like to choose the icon displayed, for example, some things run a java command, or a wine command. I would like to download and use the original logo, however, when I hit "browse" in the icon selection area nothing happens –  csga5000 Jun 5 at 19:43

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