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I've run into the same problem as this guy [closed-no answers]: UBUNTU isn't recognizing the dvd/cd drive

I recently installed 12.10 (32-bit) on a HP EliteBook 8560p. I used the ODD (CD/DVD+RW) to install the OS.

In the OS, I then insert a CD or DVD (data disks, not audio/movie). Nothing happens. I don't see anything from lshw, dmesg, or syslog.

What else should I look into? Since at least one other person has/had this issue I know that it's not just me.

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What does lshw show? –  psusi Dec 13 '12 at 18:45
My appologies, guys. Fixed my issue--it was ultimately victim to another problem I had with my BIOS/CMOS (which led to disabling the "Notebook Upgrade Bay" which is the slot for the ODD or a second HDD or even extra battery. Please Close/Resolve post. **Note: at least 2wks passed in between OS install and ODD "error", in the interim I was screwing with other BIOS/CMOS issues. I pulled another HP from the closet to do some HW testing and BIOS adjusting. In the end, HP is still a POS. Carry on, nothing to see here... ;) –  SeaDawg Dec 13 '12 at 18:53

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